Here are some testimonials about Ummah Fund

Abdul Majid Qureshi It has been such a wonderful and wonderful experience to work in collaboration with Ummah Fund from the last more than one year. Few of the programs this organization sponsored and ran in collaboration with our organization were Iftaar in Peshawar, water project and money distribution to the needy for eid.. Looking forward to working with them on more projects in ShaAllah.

Asjad Mahmood – This is a great initiative. Very reliable and efficient. May Allah bless all who participate in these charitable projects around the world, and bless those who are the forces behind these projects and all known and unknown who are behind the initiative. May the Ummah of the Prophet (Sall’Allahu aleihi wasallam) prosper and succeed in this world and the hereafter.

Mahmood Ahmed – Thank you for all your time and service as a collector. I pray to Allah that He grants you abundant rewards, and it is only He who can give rewards, no one else. JazakaAllahu khairan.

Saad Akbar – Continue with the good work.

Morten Ibrahim – Fantastic initiative, mashaallah. May Allah bless all those in the dunya (world) and akhira (hereafter) who are involved in or contribute to this fantastic organization.

Imam Abdifataah Mahamud – I am grateful and proud of the excellent work the collector is doing for those in need. I have personally collaborated with them on a couple of fundraisers for students of knowledge and their families. I have seen honesty, efficiency, and trustworthiness in their work. Wakas Mir, the one behind the collector, has a big heart and compassion for people, which is inspiring and a great example to follow. Keep up the good work. May Allah grant you success in everything you are involved in.

Matw Ali I would like to thank Ummah Fund for taking the initiative to reach out to the MATW Project to raise funds for our dear brother Ali Banat’s legacy projects. We appreciate the hard work and the results! We look forward to working with the team in the future. On behalf of the entire MATW team, we thank you!

Imam Saleem Alvi Er kjempefornøyd med et moske prosjekt som jeg ønsket Innsamleren til å samle for. Moskefondet var på plass innen noen timer Alhamdulillah.

Aziz Rehman – I am very pleased with a mosque project that I wanted the collector to raise funds for. The mosque fund was in place within a few hours, Alhamdulillah.

Leyla Hasic Continue the good work you are doing.

Tehsin Abo Barirah Very impressed with the work and professionalism of how Ummah Fund has been operating so far.

Zamran Butt – Unique platform, skilled strategic individuals, and sincere people. Quick response to urgent projects!

Abdoulai – Ummah Fund is doing an excellent job with the projects they undertake. I am very satisfied with their efforts.

Aqdas Siddique – MashaAllah, honest and professional individuals in a professional charity organization. Highly recommended.

Elyes Abid – Serious, credible, and quality at all levels from awareness, fundraising, and distribution.

Aman Ullah – An easy way to help people in need. A credible channel that deserves all the attention.